Slateford: os_anm

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os_anm is a lo-resolution animation tool. It plays with the ideas of the pixel as a foregrounded pictorial element and the aesthetics of 'old-time' computing systems. During their residency at PlayingField slateford will extend the basic os_anm system so that video streams (from a live camera or the web) can be fed into the system, converted and manipulated in the os_anm style. We will develop new forms of pixel display and a networking system to enable multiple users of os_anm to collaborate online and work improvisationally with the system. This new os_anm system will, therefore, explore alternatives to the convention of the video stream as a photo-realistic media.

os_anm was originally developed as part of an online residency at variablemedia.

Interview with Simon Yuill, Peter Maas and Ricardo Creemers

Biographical info:

Slateford are Simon Yuill (Scotland) and Tryggve Askildsen (Norway). They have never met. Their work is produced through online collaboration. It derives from their common love of old-school coding and an interest in exploring its aesthetics through contemporary computer media. All slateford works are black and white.

Their aim is not to emulate the old systems or produce 'retro' work, but rather to explore a form of programmatic 'inverse-genealogy'. The speed of aesthetic development in computer-based media need not, and should not, be dictated by the commercial [oedipal] drive for the 'always new'. In the wastelands of computing history there are many unexplored and ignored aesthetics and alternative possibilities. Slateford projects are the offspring of contemporary computing's forgotten ancestors.

Slateford have previously been commissioned to produce 'greylines 00-06' for New Media Scotland's HOST online project-space. 'greylines 00-06' is a series of 'code doodles' partly inspired by the proto-digital animations of Hans Richter and Oskar Fischinger. Alongside the variablemedia commission, slateford have also been commissioned to produce a new work for, Folly Media Centre's online project space, which will go online in late March, 2003. This project, entitled 'endless_endless[rfc2326]', is an anti-streaming project in which we are exploring how slow and fragmented the presentation of a film across the internet can be.