Ivan Marino: In death's dream kingdom

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Title: In Death's Dream Kingdom
Director: Iván Marino
Collaborative work made by Iván Marino & Luis Negron & Andrea Nacach
Programmer: Luis Negron
Interface Design: Andrea Nacach
Video Design: Iván Marino
Interactive Design: Luis Negron & Iván Marino
Executive producer: Gustavo Cualquieri
Assistance: Miguel Avalle & Gustavo Caprin


The title of this work came from a verse of T.S. Eliot’s poem, “The Hollow Men” (1925). In Death’s Dream Kingdom has the structure of an audio-visual poem, inspired on the English modernism (experimentalism): dead time without anecdote, collage of realistic pictures with images of the subconscious and a synchronous montage using the technique of simultaneous accumulation of time. The video was recorded in institutions that house disabled people whose sense of perception is altered. The soundtrack – a combination of silence and minimal sounds – was made out of distorted noises from airplanes’ black boxes, mechanical machines and apparently nonsense monologues.
The network version of this piece uses the nonlinear possibilities of an interactive interface to allow the user/spectator to build up their own reading, their own path and their own version of the work.

Interview with Iván Marino

Biographical info:

Iván Marino is Videomaker, Multimedia Author and Professor, born in Argentina 1968. His works were exhibited in USA (Antology Film Archives, UCLA Film Department), France (Clermont Ferrand, Videoz'Arts, Nantes , Interferences), Germany (Hannover Film Festival, Köln bcn-cgn, Berlin Vidofest, BCN-CGN Köln) , Holland (Deaf v.2 Rotterdam), Switzerland (Biennial of Movie Images), Spain (Injuve, University of Salamanca, OVNI Barcelona, El Grec Barcelona/CCCV), among other countries of Europe and South America. Ivan Marino's works have won main prizes in the following festivals: Hannover (International Film-festival 1997), San Pablo (Biennale of Electronic Art, Videobrasil 1998) , Belo Horizonte (Brasil Forum Videofestival 1995) and Buenos Aires Video Festival (1998/2000, ICI-AECI Spanish Agency of International Cooperation). He has been sponsored by Rockefeller & MacArthur Foundation (USA), and Antorchas Foundation (Argentina), among other institutions. He was Visiting Scholar in the Filminstitut - Hochschule der Künste (Berlin 1997; faculty sponsor: Ph. Jutta Bruckner). During 1998/99 he was Visiting Scholar in the University of California at Los Angeles, Film & TV Department (faculty sponsor: Prof. F. Wagmister), where he did research and worked on media-art and related subjects. In 1999 he was granted a fellowship by MECAD - Media Center of Art & Design -, Barcelona (faculty sponsor: Prof. Claudia Gianetti), to produce Net-Art projects. Actually he is in charge of the following subjects: Interactive Systems II, Video III, Projects III, in Electronic Art Major - Esdi/Ramon LLull University, Barcelona, Spain. Ivan Marino is permanent member of the multimedia author group, Hypermedia Studio, University of California at Los Angeles. He is also in charge of the Interface Design and Advances Systems Area, in the International Master on Creation and Design for interactive Systems - Mecad/ ESDI/Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. He was recently developing the first part of "In death's dream kingdom" project at ZKM Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, Germany.

Luis Negron
1994 - Media Technology at the technical University of Ilmenau.
2000 - Studies at the Department of Media Art in the Bauhaus University of Weimar. Electroacoustical-Music)
2001 - Research Group in the digital image department of the Filmakademie of Baden Württenberg.
2002 - Master in Design of interactive Systems. MECAD and UAB. in Collaboration of ZKM and KHM.
2002 - Artist-in-Residence in the medialab of Metronom. Centre d'Art Contemporaneous Rafael Tous. Barcelona.

E-mail: ivanm@hypermedia.ucla.edu
Web: http://hypermedia.ucla.edu/ivan