Mariana González: [Dis]placements

[Dis]placements is an interface developed to visualize streaming media trough paths. Thus, the model design and its minimal representation into a three-dimensional environment are used as a navigational resource to perceived and explored packs of information or "events" to access any kind of media type: audio, video-streaming, stills or text. In this way, it is
possible to select two different routes to navigate: one that follows a pre-determinate sequence, that conceive paths defined by the meaning of the contents, and the second one as a non-lineal narrative space, that activate a sequence of indeterminate events, which can be defined by the user by an active interaction.

Project by MECAD\Media Centre of Art & Desing of ESDI
Barcelona, Spain

Biographical info:

Venezuelan born ARCHITECT/DESIGNER Mariana González (1974) has a professional background spanning from projects in Latin America to Europe. Her experience as professor at the CENTRAL UNIVERSITY OF VENEZUELA in the subject ARCHITECTURAL EXPRESSION, her familiarity with representational fields in architectural practices and her postgraduate studies in INTERACTIVE SYSTEMS DESIGN AT by MEDIA CENTRE DŽART I DISSENY-MECAD and UNIVERSITAT AUTONOMA DE BARCELONA in collaboration with ZKM-CENTRE OF ART AND MEDIA and KHM-ACADEMY OF MEDIA ARTS, attest to her interest in multidisciplinary media applications evidenced through her work experience in Venezuela, London where she was assigned to a dedicate role into THE PHILLIPS GROUP ARCHITECTSŽs MEDIA DEPARTMENT and Spain where she is extending her experience within technology + new media projects . Currently sponsored by MEDIA CENTRE DŽART I DISSENY-MECAD and the NETHERLANDS MEDIA ART INSTITUTE in the Playing Field project she is opening a new line of investigation gaining a good insight into video-streaming and its visualization into an collaborative interface.