CENTRAAL STATION is an experimental streaming broadband channel on Surfnet and Internet that offers programs from various cultural institutions, edited by the Virtual Platform.

CENTRAAL STATION focuses on two areas: research in, and the production of new forms of streaming.

The presenters and developers of CENTRAAL STATION are a consortium of Dutch cultural institutions active in new media:
Waag Society
De Balie
Netherlands Media Art Institute, Montevideo/TBA

Streaming media is a central theme for all the project partners listed:
Paradiso experimented with live casting of pop concerts;
De Balie and V2 focus on stimulating interaction at public events;
Submarine Interactive Network produces "bottom-up" media and short format media, and has recently launched a new online channel;
the Netherlands Media Art Institute researches archiving and distribution technologies and has set up an Artist in Residence program around streaming media;
Waag Society experiments with live distributed "sampling" technologies.